About Us

Nerd is the Werd is comicbook, gaming and pop culture centered podcast. 3 friends decided one day “why not just put a mic in front us?” and thus the podcast was born. We discuss a wide variety of topics including gaming, game consoles, comic books (including Marvel, DC, IDW, Image and more), pop culture, film and T.V. The show also features interviews with local artist, store owners and interesting people, as well as celebrities,comedians, artists etc. from all over the United States. We are just 3 friends talking about the things we love while making sure to harass one another and say ridiculous things!

UPDATE: We are very happy to share that we have booked an awesome guest for Episode 10, coming up on April 12th. His name is Adam Lash and he is a very funny and talented stand-up comedian, podcaster and web series creator. You can check him out on Twitter at @TheAdamLash as well as on Facebook. You can also check out his web series Gigahoes on YouTube and visit his website at http://www.adamlashcomedy.com. He has been seen on the Daily Show, HBO and more and we are very excited to have him join the crew so make sure and look for Episode 10 on April 12th and please post any questions you want the crew to ask Adam!


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