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Tuesday – March 24th, 2015

Game Review of “The Order”

First off, HOLY SHIT!  This take on a Victorian-Era London adds a unique vision and direction as a dark secret war emerges and comes to light.  Although The Order:1886 is BY FAR the best looking and graphically demanding game on consoles to date, its excessive use of quick-time events, length, and pace may knock it down a peg when it comes to overall scores.

My Take:

The verdict is out! Most of the gaming community doesn’t like the quick-time event overload that you recieve when playing through this great looking and some times distracting beauty that this game brings you. I LOVE THEM….as much as one could perhaps. The time spent doing all of these so called “damaging button mashings” isn’t as much as you’d like to believe. There are very few moments I found myself dredding completing the task at hand. The route the game takes you along, makes them all seem needed and does not cripple the story being laid out in front of you. Now that topic has been addressed lets move to look and feel….DAMN IS IT GORGEOUS! The Order:1886 is so near perfect when it comes to voice acting, facial expressions, and the atmosphere. Even the shoot outs that happen seem to be right in your living room. It’s very much a “look but dont touch” kind of environment but enjoyable none the least. Gameplay is smoother than the french knight that fights alongside you throughout the game. Very easy to pick up and uses a very traditional button layout for a 3rd person cover shooter. The length of the game is another issue a lot of other gamers aren’t thrilled with. On the otherhand, it wasn’t much of a problem I felt needed much change at all. It’s refreshing having a game that wont take more than a month to complete. The average time to beat The Order:1886 is around seven hours. Having a longer game doesn’t always mean a better game. I enjoyed having the opportunity to beat this game within a week and having the choice to move on and pick up a new game without having to choose one or the other.


As much as I would love to tell you guys to BUY The Order:1886, I am going to say RENT IT. It has nothing to do with the quality of the game by any means, but more to do with value. Your 64.19$ should go a lot farther than seven hours of a story with no multiplayer option. I do have to say, if it was to drop in price please pick it up and give it a shot. This will at least give the developer the indication that there is a demand for a sequel!

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